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This story, like most good stories, is an adventure.

It all started with a journey to the North Shore of Oahu to visit old friends and indulge in the sport of kings, my greatest passion—surfing. Tanned and tubed, one becomes pretty hungry.

On this trip I discovered and immediately fell in love with this dish. After tasting this fresh, delicate, and delicious ensemble of flavors for the first time, I was determined to bring this soul-nourishing dish back to the east coast.

PokéOno serves up authentic surf-inspired Hawaiian Poké Bowls raising the bar for what your taste buds can expect.   




What is Poké?

Pronounced (Poh-Kay), it is a Hawaiian word that means to 'cut' or 'slice'. Traditionally, a poké bowl is made with cubed ahi tuna that is marinated and served over a bed of rice. 


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Leadership Team

Andrew Danieli - Founder

•       BS in Mgmt and Mktg from Salisbury University

•       15+ years restaurant experience

•       2 years’ experience researching and planning including several trips to Hawaii

Michael Pantilione - Partner Philadelphia Branch

•       BS from Wharton/UPenn

•       10+ years backing private growth companies

•       Specializes in business strategy and applying best practices in operations and reporting

Josh Kachura - Partner Baltimore Branch

•       MBA from University of Baltimore/Towson University

•       10+ years of business strategy and marketing expertise  

Timothy Chung - Consultant / Advisor

•       BS in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University in 2011

•       7+ years expertise including but not limited to brand awareness, market expansion and creative strategy